What is a BURKA?

BURKA is a long, flowing, loose garment used to cover the face and the entire body of a person. It is also known in another name, such as Burqa and Abaya. BURKA is considered as one of the most important and significant parts of Muslim women’s dress. And hence BURKA is very commonly used and preferred in Muslim countries. There are different types of BURKA like some BURKA doesn’t cover the area of the face. And while some BURKA covers the entire part of the body from head to legs. The primary purpose of this BURKA for Muslim women is to hide their faces while going out to any open space.

They have the religious belief and tradition of letting the women covers their faces to protect and preserve their modesty. They also believe that BURKA is the idle and best example of very modest and straightforward clothing or attire of Muslim women. BURKA helps and shields a woman in protecting and safeguarding her pride. But now BURKA is no longer a shapeless and dull garment. It has entered into a new arena of fashion and trend. Women from different parts of the world have now converted BURKA into new trendy and fashionable attire.

You will find different types of Abaya with multiple different colours and styles. Now you can find them in various kinds of fabric according to your choice. You can even find them in embroidery designs and layout, which make them very unique and attractive. There are numerous fancy burkas now trending across the world with immense popularity and demand. And with the increasing demand and popularity of BURKA, many online stores are selling some of the most excellent BURKAS.

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