Introduction To Purina

Purina is a company brand that offers livestock feeds. It was founded by William H. Danforth in 1894. Agriculture practices were just at the beginning stage during these years. During that time, feeding poultry, pigs, cattle, and other animals were not scientifically based. Purina is now a world-class brand that offers the best livestock nutrition. This brand represents the importance of trust and strong relationships. Purina helped the former RPC (Ralston Purina Company) become one of the largest manufacturers of balanced feeds in the world for different kinds of animals. Purina is now owned by Cargill Inc.

They offer Purina livestock feeds outside the united states, across the globe through its licensed subsidiaries. In Cargill’s brand portfolio, Purina stands as one of the highest equity brands. Their products are produced and sold in 13 different countries. Purina has a dealer distribution network worldwide that covers around 40000 points of sales. Purina feeds are preferred by most of the farmers for their livestock. Different research laboratories support Purina, and different research programs are being developed continuously.

The research on how to produce products and feeds will help livestock animals produce more output. Purina brand feeds are very popular among the farmers who rear animals because of their quality products. Because it offers one of the best feeds for animals in the market, its products are in high demand. It has experience of over 100 years in this industry. Purina produces a full range of retail feeds for dairy cattle, poultry, pigs, beef cattle, horses, and agriculture.

Investments are continually made to research on these species to produce the best animal nutrition according to the local conditions and requirements. Today Purina is one of the most popular and recognized brands of agriculture in the world. It is because it produces one of the highest qualities of animal nutrition and effective on-farm. So now you can see why this brand is very popular among farmers. If you want to try their products for your animal or your farm, you can get it easily through online shops that sell their products.

This supplement also has different feed formulations which are designed to provide the best nutrition that your cows needs. 4 Square Breeder Cubes is also a product of Purina, that is packaged with a protein supplement. This nutritional supplement is fed daily to balance the nutrient deficiency in fair or poor quality forage. These are some of the products made by Purina, that can be very popular among the farmers. You may easily get them on the internet or at any shop which sells agricultural products.

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