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Automatic knives are the best self-defense when it comes to survival. It has multiple advantages compared to other knives. When you go out anywhere at night, the automatic knife can save you. They are the best investment for defense, and it’s very durable. It is a multipurpose gadget that wherever you go, you will it will be useful. For instance, if you go out camping, you can use it to open or cut anything and defense at night. Most of the knives are made of aluminum or stainless steel materials.

When talking about best pocket knife under 50, the number one benefit has to be the true one handed action. Side opening knives are sweet, we all love that whip crack sound they make when they open, but only a double-action OTF can open and close quickly and easily with one hand. If you want a true one handed open and closed double action OTF knife.

If you’re bust working and don’t have the time to sit down, whatever you are working on to safely close your knife like double action OTF is a must; it is the best automatic knife. Especially for those working in emergencies like first responders having a knife out and ready fast is necessary. When lives are on the line, you don’t want to be fiddling with flippers or thumbs studs, or liner frame locks, none of that stuff. You want to just boom, open your knife, use it and then close it so the blades out of the way. Quick access and deployment is the second reason to care.

Possibly the only other best automatic knife that deploys faster is a fixed blade since technically; you don’t have to open the blade in the first place. The holder wants the blade tucked away but when not actively using it. The OTF knife is completely impractical because at the end of the day, the majority of the time you’re carrying an OTF, you’re not going to be cutting seatbelts.

The Schrade extreme survival automobile isn’t a heavy knife for being an inexpensive automatic knife. It comes with a glass breaker, and also, the people get a nice deep carry pocket clip. It is the best automatic knife to choose if one is on a budget. Most of the automatic knife leans towards either an EDC or a tactical, but the Schrade knife falls squarely between a tactical and an EDC knife.

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