An Upgrade; The Advance Version 3D 3D is the latest casual arcade game supported by VooDoo. The aim of this game is the same as, 2, and 3. You have to cover as much area as you can with your 3D shape. The gameplay stays the same as well. The longer you can survive in the game, the more players appear. This increases the difficulty level.

The latest version of the game has its own updated features. 3D comes with its own intuitive controls. This helps you guide your cube paint across the shapes. To get the highest rankings on the scoreboards, color as much area as you can. You can do this by drawing closed shapes with your 3D shape to fill areas. You can also repaint territories that are stolen by opponents by surrounding them and closing the shape. However, players should avoid hitting their own tail. 3D is as entertaining as the previous versions of the game. It has simple controls that make it player-friendly. It has a dynamic gameplay that gets you hooked. Unlike the earlier version, paper.io2 3D draws 3D shapes with your cube. Even when you lose the game, the progress will be saved, and you can continue with your previous score. You can also get an extra life if you watch an ad. A certain amount of stars can be achieved after one game. The concept is easy to understand yet has a unique charm that keeps players engaged and striving for that 100% completion.

The setting is on a rotating cube that revolves as you move your 3D cube for more territory. As you collect stars, you unlock new planets. Moreover, there are several challenges for players to complete. Once you attain these challenges, you get avatar skins for your 3D cubes. These avatars also add extra graphics to your previous plain territory. 3D was released on 8 January 2020 and has been last updated in November 2020. The game is supported on both Android and iOS operators.

The advertisements have also become less obtrusive. The game starts with a screen displaying your current personality and your high score, which displays as a percentage of the maximum place you have conquered. You are dropped into an ongoing game, which means some players may already have taken a chunk of the stadium. After you die, you will be presented with an opportunity to watch an advertisement to get an excess life or decline the offer to come back to the main screen. The sport unlocks selectable blocks you are able to select as your avatar upon clearing goals set by the system.

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