How to Auto-Party

Here's an easy step-by-step guide to auto-tweeting these parties (for even the most twitter-challenged.) Remember, you don't have to auto-tweet -- you can re-tweet the book parties on your own, too.

1. Sign up for twitterfeed, an application which automatically posts an rss feed to your twitter stream.

2. Click on "Create New Feed." Call it "Twitter Book Parties." Enter the RSS feed for this blog:

3. Update Frequency: Choose every 30 minutes and post up to 1 new update.

4. Leave "Post Link" UNCHECKED.

5. Post Content: Include "description only."

6. Post Sorting: Post new items based on "guid" and CHECK "feed is sorted."

7. Post Prefix: Enter something short and pithy like "Twitter Book Party!"

6. Post Suffix: Enter "#bookbday"

One post will show up in your twitter stream to indicate to me that you're an auto-partier. From then on, blog posts from this blog will tweet from your stream in this simple format: TITLE | @twitterhandle | genre | publisher | link to IndieBound | #bookbday.

Feel free to send personalized messages of admiration and delight to the author or illustrator on publication day as well.