The Buzz on our Parties


Shelf Awareness reported on our parties on 9/29/09 with a piece by Jennifer M. Brown called Happy Book B'day to You, Tweet Tweet.

Publisher's Weekly
covered our parties with a lovely article by Judith Rosen on 8/13/09.

School Library Journal featured a piece called, "Toasting New Titles on Twitter" on 2/1/10.

Tweets from the fĂȘted authors:

Deborah Heiligman (COOL DOG, SCHOOL DOG): Biggest story for me on twitter: #bookbday for Cool Dog, School Dog. I had to upgrade my website 'cause of traffic!

Mary Pearson (THE MILES BETWEEN): Usually pub day is pretty quiet but with #bookbday I felt like a brass band had shown up at my door to help me celebrate. I'm still smiling.

Jennifer Brown (HATE LIST): I was blown away by my #bookbday! So many well-wishes, so many great new followers! It was a real party & made my big day even more special.

John Lechner (THE CLEVER STICK): #Bookbday was a great experience. The supportive tweets from friends and strangers were so wonderful, & helped spread the word about my book.

Eric Luper (BUG BOY): Usually launch day is a quiet Tuesday, but thanks to #bookbday, it was exciting and action-packed!

Kate Messner (THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z.): Went hiking in the Adirondacks to celebrate my book's release day and returned home to an explosion of happy #bookbday messages! I loved sharing the day and having that connection with readers and other writers.

Kim Vandervort (THE SONG AND THE SORCERESS): Celebrating release of Song and the Sorceress with my twitter #bookbday was great fun! Excellent promo for my book, & made new friends too!

Melissa Thomson (KEENA FORD): Bookbdays have made me feel like I'm part of a great community of authors & others in the book world. And my #bookbday was such fun!

Jill Alexander (THE SWEETHEART OF PROSPER COUNTY): From the initial tweet to the retweets, THE SWEETHEART OF PROSPER COUNTY found new audiences thanks to the #bookday bump.

Dina Nayeri Viergutz (ANOTHER FAUST): Having a book birthday was wonderful! I came home to find 100 messages, which was so uplifting. Being out of the country I didn't get to have a big celebration, and the twitter party made me feel so happy and not removed from it.

Christine Marciniak (WHEN MIKE KISSED EMMA): #bookbday made my launch day extra special. It was wonderful to know all these people were celebrating my book release with me.

Melissa Stewart (UNDER THE SNOW): So many people reached out to me and made the day truly special. Plus I connected with a half dozen new followers.

Diana Peterfreund (RAMPANT): I had a great experience! I love the auto posts and I got lots of feedback the day of mine. It's a great program!

Sara Lewis Holmes (OPERATION YES): #Bookbday = fun day, plus loads of interesting new readerly tweeters to follow later. Also: fuel for my TBR pile. :)

Jo Knowles (JUMPING OFF SWINGS): #bookbday was a wonderful online launch party with friends and strangers sending cheers throughout the day. It was a terrific way to both celebrate and spread the word about my new book.